Our 6" long Fluorescent machine light is our most compact light. It features an high output double tube fluorescent bulb enclosed in the 2" polycarbonate tube sealed with rubber end cap and vapor clamp on one end with a spot light lense on the other end. An on/off switch is on the cord.
Our 10", 22", and 46" long, 2" diameter fluorescent lights are perfect for punch press applications due to the coiled cord beltween the ballast box and the light. The ballast box has a cord mount on each side which allows you to secure it to the side of the press while the light itself can travel up and down with the ram. The coiled  cord contracts and expands with the movement of the ram to keep the slack cord from getting in the way.
Our 10" and 22" long fluorescent machine lights are handy when direct wiring is preferred. By mounting the separate ballast in an enclosure, the light can be mounted on the machine and hard wired to the ballast in that enclosure. A receptacle is not required.
Our 20", 25", and 33" long, 3" diameter fluorescent machine lights feature a double tube high output fluorescent bulb. The ballast is enclosed inside the polycarbonate tube along with the other electronic components to protect it from lubricants and other contaminants.
20", 25" and 33" Long,
3" Diameter Fluorescent

10" and 22" Long, 2" Diameter Fluorescent with Separate Ballast
10", 22" and 46" Long,
2" Diameter Fluorescent

 6" Long, 2" Diameter Fluorescent
17" and 21" Long, 3" Diameter
Fluorescent with Separate Ballast

Our 17" and 21" long, 3" diameter fluorescent lights are the same as the 20" and 25" above, however they are provided provided with a separate ballast for hard wiring. The ballast can be mounted in an  enclosure with the included wire running from the ballast to the light providing a permanent lightinng solution.
(22" Model Pictured)
(10" Model Pictured)
(20" Model Pictured)
(17" Model Pictured)
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