Our 10" long LED machine light is our most compact light. It features an internal replaceable 10" LED bulb enclosed in the 2" polycarbonate tube sealed on each end with rubber end caps and vapor clamps. A push button switch is in the end cap. It is available with either a 10 ft or 25 ft cord.
If you need a longer LED machine light but need to fit it into a tighter space, our newest light is perfect. It's a 41" long, 2" diameter light. An LED bulb is enclosed in a polycarbonate tube with rubber end caps and vapor clamps to keep out coolants and other contaminants. The 25 ft. cord comes with a cord magnet to keep the cord out of the way.
Our 15" long LED machine light features either one or two LED boards (depending on the amount of light required) on an aluminum back bone which doubles as a heat sink enclosed in a 3" diameter polycarbonate tube. This combination adds additional durability while maintaining the protection from coolants and other contaminants.
Our 27" LED machine light is similar to the 15" light, however the driver is in the light head rather than on the cord. Like the 15" light, it is available in single or double LED strips depending on the amount of light required for your application and like all our lights, the electrical components are enclosed in a sealed tube to protect them from coolants and other contaminants.
Our 50" LED machine light uses the same LED board as the 27" LED light positioned end to end for added length and is also available in a single strip or a double strip if more light is required. The driver is enclosed in the light head along with the LED strips just like the 27" model.
Direct Mount

Magnetic Mount
Magnetic Mount with Flex Neck
Machine Bracket
Metal Magnet Mount
Machine Bracket
Magnet Mount
80 lb or 110 lb
Direct Mount
Mounting Options Available for 2" Diameter Lights
Mounting Options Available for 3" Diameter Lights
 50" Long, 3" Diameter LED
 27" Long, 3" Diameter LED
 15" Long, 3" Diameter LED
 41" Long, 2" Diameter LED
 10" Long, 2" Diameter LED
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